Laurent Debraux

Image: Ferro Fluid



Here, a transparent pyramid emerges timidly dunes mercury, leaving behind a puff of pixie dust, before slipping back into its cocoon silver.

There, an urchin running perpetual dialogue with a fierce ball. For there, a magnet in zero gravity comes and goes between two beautiful ladies.

He caresses, touches, probe... Hesitation or doubt ...The viewer discovers the poetic movement of a magnet levitating floating, flirting in the space of our thoughts.

Laurent Debraux combines poetry with technology. Unlike its predecessors, it is not pretentious or elitist. The spectator stops, delighted, smile and go into thought. A dive into  visual and sound. Poems in motion. Pure movement that says the main thing. Between over sensitive and evidence of physical principles. Delicacy and silence of tiny movement. Born in 1965, Paris, France. Worked as software programmer. Co-Founded Holy-Dis company with a friend in 1988. Holy-Dis was the first company introduced on stock exchange market in France for the third millenium.

I began in kinetic sculptures in may 2010, for a neighborhood event (open doors for Belleville’s artists workshops , Paris), just for fun. After this exposition, and great visitor’s comments, I decided to continue in this way. About my work, I could say that my goal, my wish are to transmit emotions by movement. 95% of communication between two people is non verbal, and a lot of it pass by very little movements perception. What I like is to try to recreate it with minimal materials, in order for the visitor to see only the movement.

OXYGEN: Artist Membership Programme

The above artist has enrolled in Kinetica Museum's artist member programme

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