Lorna Carmen McNeill

Lorna Carmen McNeill fuses fine art and sculpture with kinetics, light technology including fiberoptics, digital photography, video and motion projection to produce captivating immersive experiences.

‘Mesmerisingly beautiful. When I feel I need uplifting I put on my headphones and watch the 2 minute video I made of your work and feel energised! It’s amazing!’ Shirley-Ann Dixon, Artist, London

She is primarily interested in universal creative forces within the evolutionary Journey of our Universe and aligning with these to create pieces which inspire and transform through a fusion of light, colour, rhythm and sound. Her installations are an invitation for the viewer to live their potential. Her fascination with this realm stems from childhood and a previous career as a health professional. Following several decades of clinical practice and research into nutrition, mental health, and lifestyle behavior change, she is now committed to facilitating meaningful reflection, connectedness and transformation through her facilitation and art practice.

Lorna studied fine art at Camberwell and Goldsmiths, graduating with a First at the Art Academy and an award for her research and innovations into light sculptures. She widely accepts commissions in the UK and abroad. Her work is currently displayed at The Art Academy, Trinity United Reformed Church, St Albans and the Hospice of St Francis, Berkhamsted and was recently showcased at KPMG, Nesta Headquarters, the Futurefest Conference, the Barbican, WOMAD, 2014, WAC Arts and the Langley Academy. She is a tutor at the Art Academy, London and also offers creative team building events, workshops and mentoring for a wide range of individuals and organisations.