Mari Prichard

Kinetica from Kinetica Museum on Vimeo.

Mari Prichard, a recent graduate in Fine Art has been inspired by postwar sculptor Kenneth Martin's suspended brass spirals and helices & his fascination in the way that movement creates form, Martin treated his materials as 'facts' to select and fuse, so as to build simple elements into an expressive whole. The forces of kinetics, he wrote, 'are universal, they are within us and without . through their use it is possible to express life.' Prichard also wanted to find the universal in artefacts and materials of everyday life and is interested by the way we interpret and manipulate fundamental forms to make our vessels, instruments and art.

She believes these to be the forms that pervade our species' evolution: we see them everywhere; we adapt them and they adapt us; through them we live. Prichard makes simple mobiles from domestic materials, and uses them to create drawings or monoprints. She is interested in making work that engages with people, with a site or a community.