Mark Boot

Mark Boot’s practice is an investigation into the relationship between light, space and materials. This developed from an interest in structures, both physical and conceptual; processes of inversion; and our dependency on colour coded systems to interpret essential data. His creative process is an empirical one, Mark plays with materials, processes and situations until either something breaks, or something interesting happens. The first “colour coded” structures transformed an interest in anatomical diagrams and Harry Becks iconic London Underground maps into fluorescent sculptures, polychromatic space drawings rotating in suspension. Investigations into drawing in space with light continued with his discovery of Electro-Luminescent Wire, enabling flexible, portable structures to adapt to new spaces whilst projecting washes of coloured light onto the surfaces around them, culminating with the Five Curves for Aether Installation in 2013. At this time, Mark was also playing with a range of found materials that modulated light, particularly discarded plastics and packaging, and these developed into expanded polystyrene sculptures with programable RGB LEDs embedded within them. These sculptures became their own light source, inverting our conventional perception of a form illuminated by an external point of illumination and revealing internal qualities of material, density and space that provoked a state of introspection and reflection in the viewer. In 2017 Mark started using Radiance hardware and software developed in conjunction with Dr Paul Rudman to control custom made RGB LED looms, introducing a time based element to installations. The most recent of these have explored concerns about consumerism and environmental issues by using the cardboard and polystyrene packaging from flat screen televisions with embedded LEDs to make installations that challenge the viewer to reflect on both the beauty of these discarded materials, and their increasing toxic presence in our environment.

Chromophilia 1 Sculpture installation at the Pedestrian Gallery Leicester 2010

You Tube Links: Dark Matters Exhibition 2022

Full animated sequence of projected LEDs from TV box part of Boxed Set Installation 2022

Lightbox Foiled- Crossed Lines Installation 2017

EPS : Vend Split Installation 2017


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