Oskar Krajewski

Oskar OK Krajewski, born and studied in Poland, has been living and working in London UK since 2002, and is Artistic director at Art of OK. His sculptures are made mainly of recycled materials such as unwanted toys, old computer parts and objects used everyday. He strives to achieve the highest possible level of detailed composition and uniqueness.

Works such as ‘Recycled Future’ are indicators of his busy style, often made from several thousand pieces. OK studio works with sound composers, programmers, electricians and talents from many other fields.

Light plays a very important role in OK’s work, creating movement and atmosphere. His work relates to sustainability, sci-fi topics and the future of our planet. Oskar would like to see today’s waste turned into tomorrow’s roads, buildings and…Art!

“I’d like to encourage the young generation of Artists to use vastly available and free material as their sculpting medium. We would all prefer to see beautifully transformed plastic in galleries, rather than in our seas and oceans… I’d love to see a new chapter in Art history; “Recyclism”.

Sculptures by Art of OK were featured in solo and group exhibitions in London and abroad, including venues such as the Gherkin’s top floor and OXO Tower gallery.


Recycled Future, 2016
Reclaimed materials, LED, soundscape