Sanford Kogan

Kogan is an American born artist living in Grenoble France. His original artistic focus was to create functional forms from found, recycled, and industrial objects. This started from a strong affinity for old broken down musical instruments, their inherent beauty and grace. His intention was to give these instruments a “second life”, to reestablish their functional status by transforming them into lamps, fashioning new forms from old objects.

As his art evolved, he realized that one can also “paint” with light, and that light need not be restricted to its more traditional functions, for traversing through space, for reading, for taking visual cues while communicating, to give three common examples. And in the process, and by design, his art lost much of its functional status.

“Painting with light” means that light can be filtered, mirrored, shadowed, reflected, directed, and focused, all within context of the assemblage forms in which it interacts. In effect, light can be “shaped” and adapted, just as form can, as part of the overall composition. And this is his focus today.

Therefore, Kogan’s most recent work would most appropriately be characterized as “assemblage light sculptures”, focusing on the arrangement and transformation of form, integrated with the “exploitation” of light. He sees this as an evolution of the manner in which light and form interact. The object illuminated and the source that illuminates become one.

OXYGEN: Artist Membership Programme

The above artist has enrolled in Kinetica Museum’s artist member programme

Kinetica’s membership scheme was launched in November 2010, and aims to provide Kinetica with the opportunity to extend it’s artist network whilst fostering emerging talent. Oxygen members are entitled to a profile on the Kinetica Museum’s website, and gain access to Kinetica’s interim exhibitions as well as our networks. This year Kinetica is focusing on an international tour, our artist members will have the opportunity to be involved and submit work for the following tour. In December 2013, a group of Kinetica’s Artist Members will be selected for a member’s exhibition in 2014. For more information on our artist membership scheme, please visit the MEMBERSHIP section on this website.