Sometimes Jasmine

London based sound, noise & performance artist Sometimes Jasmine chops and twists together layers of sound, combining voice and cello with London field recordings and cultural broadcasts, from 50s B movies samples to radio broadcasts, mixing the harmonious with the discordant and the rotten with the bliss to conjure a deliciously deranged sonic stew, best ingested in a dark room at high volume.

Rotten bliss challenges the traditionally sedentary and non-visual aspect of laptop music with a unique and synesthesic experience driven by an audio interface controlled with light and movement and accompanied by projected images augmented by the same forces controlling the sound.

Rotten bliss puts the body at the heart of the machine with limbs and gestures replacing knobs and sliders, subverting the cold precision of digital processing by opening up the machine to the erratic imprecisions of the human body, fusing together chance, magic and technology to create a show which is part ritual, part performance and part expo of the future.

Recent highlights have included a three week sound and video installation in the National Theatre’s Green Room Bar in Feb / March 2013 and a cello & live electronics performance for the release party for International Arts Periodical Soldes Alamanach at Point Ephémère in Paris, 2012.

OXYGEN: Artist Membership Programme

The above artist has enrolled in Kinetica Museum’s artist member programme

Kinetica’s membership scheme was launched in November 2010, and aims to provide Kinetica with the opportunity to extend it’s artist network whilst fostering emerging talent. The membership creates an access point for practitioners to exhibit work at Kinetica’s annual art fair, which houses work from over forty galleries, artists and art organizations. Oxygen members are entitled to a profile on the Kinetica Museum’s website, and gain access to Kinetica’s interim exhibitions as well as our networks. The feature exhibition at the 2013 fair will be comprised of artworks created by our artist members. The feature exhibition is curated by Kinetica Museum’s Artistic Director Dianne Harris. The final selections will be announced at the end of January 2013. For more information on our artist membership scheme, please visit the MEMBERSHIP section on this website.