Yuki Anai

Yuki Anai is a media artist working with sound, lighting and sensing technology, and has recently developed kinetic art pieces using motors, 3D printing materials and optical lenses.

His artwork is inspired by nature, and he creates installations that aim to reconnect people to nature. For example, “A Seashore” is an expression of light fluctuating on the surface of the sea, and “In the rain” represents the potential of rain to be beautiful and make us happy.

He has been awarded many prizes for his work: “Ah” received a Grand Prize of Asia Digital Award 2012, “ChAir” received Best Award of Smart Illumination Award 2012, and Hanger received a Prize of 14th Japan Media Art Festival (as teamLab).

Yuki was born in Oita, Japan, and completed a degree at the Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University. He worked at TeamLab for seven years, setting up an art and production team. Later he started own company creating lighting at Nikko Toshogu, and christmas lighting at Oita Station.