Zissis Papatzikis

A monument of Time and Space,

A harmonic shaped chaos in our universe that can be represented in numerical and mathematical formulae; the concept of time is represented by the clock and its unusual form in the 3D space. It consists rotating tubes around its axis with the lower indicating hours and the top the minutes.

As the sculpture rotates various shapes and forms are expressed to create a visual poetry in the public arena affecting the appearance of the world for those sharing that viewpoint making valid universal statements about the nature of our existence. It strives through the rigorous and ordered training of purely inward faculties to achieve exact and objective results of realms highlighting the evolutionary nature of human beings.

Each alignment can gather people to blur the boundaries and participate in ‘public art’ and allow them to engage in the discourse of their wishes to ‘evolve’. However, this is only part of the oeuvre as the visual impact is equivalent to the literary value.

We become aware of the three-dimensional space, its shape and the illuminated surface. An awareness has arisen today that the problems we face result from human deeds, the source of which lies in human consciousness.

To look at the “outer” state of the world we have created is to see a reflection of our own “inner” state. The work has a visual and conceptual dynamic, a spatial rhythm to echo its visual musicality. It grows out of and engages with the space and shape in which it is to be situated rather than be imposed upon it.

My aim is to fuse art, culture and science in the pubic domain and expand viewers’ thoughts with the visual metaphor and the shapes they will witness during the course of their visit.

Here are the animations with it’s choreography:



OXYGEN: Artist Membership Programme

The above artist has enrolled in Kinetica Museum’s artist member programme

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